Innovation and Future of Business

This is Fight Club central, the nerve center. 

The mission?  To  fight for a world where sustainability means serious business.

Through writing, conversation and debate with all those that are willing to embark on this journey, let’s challenge the large and small business community alike, to rethink the basis of their current strategies and implement changes to help them grow sustainably over the next decades.

What can you do here?


Tell a story-Change a business

Embracing sustainability as a brand value. How do you go about it? NWFC has joined forces with a large clothing brand to say goodbye to unnecessary resources and welcome awareness and innovation towards a better future.

Looking back on our first year of collaboration, we are happy to see another sustainable success story. 


More footfall. Less footprint. A new world at Retail

This summer, New World Fight Club hosted a summit for retail managers from all over Europe for one of their clients, to raise awareness on the value of integrating sustainability and social responsibility in the fashion retail industry. What does it take to run a more responsible retail operation? As it turns out, thinking out of the box and getting creative with your brand will make you a preferred option in the eyes of your consumer.


Never-ending, always battling: welcome to the re-launched website of the New World Fight Club

Dear Fighters,

A re-launch suggests we have had some time off. In truth we are hardly ever resting. All the Fighters have put planetary health at the centre of our lives and that normally finds its way into our activities.

Whether Shammy’s setting up of SAAF India, Jason and Anouk’s continued burrowing into consumer sentiment, or Eric’s odyssey to combine profitability with corporate responsibility – it seems a Fighter’s work is never done.