Never-ending, always battling: welcome to the re-launched website of the New World Fight Club

Dear Fighters,

A re-launch suggests we have had some time off. In truth we are hardly ever resting. All the Fighters have put planetary health at the centre of our lives and that normally finds its way into our activities.

Whether Shammy’s setting up of SAAF India, Jason and Anouk’s continued burrowing into consumer sentiment, or Eric’s odyssey to combine profitability with corporate responsibility – it seems a Fighter’s work is never done.

What this website re-launch does suggest is renewed focus. Over the past three years we have done work we are very proud of helping our partners find their focus in sustainability and apply it throughout their organisation. See in this video what they thought of the experience.

The journey of sustainability is an ever-evolving one. What we’re finding is that companies often have a sustainable concern embedded in their values – it is usually part of who they would properly like to be. Barriers to the full realisation of this desire come from a lack of proper visioning, leadership alignment, employee engagement or persistence of implementation. We are able to intervene and assist at any of these stages playing the coach, fighter, supporter and truthful friend to all we work with. We have walked the road ourselves and want to share our expertise and cutting edge approaches to walk the road effectively, bringing deep transformation within your company. We see corporate transformation as one of the most critical advances our civilisation can make that can unleash economic and social potential whilst making us better citizens of the planet.

At the heart of this transformation is a focus on values. These are the anchor and inspiration for any transformation. They not only provide the spur for engagement but a guide to what path implementation should take. They provide consistency of implementation and often ground a project of transformation to prevent companies over-reaching. It is our goal to help companies see that sustainability is already a part of the way they do business – it just means attending to the values they already have. This means that corporate responsibility can be a major factor in empowering company resilience  – its ability to withstand and respond to change. And we are in a state-of-world where change seems to happen faster all the time.

So who are the people we most like to work with? They are probably managers – value creators in any sector, function or industry who take sustainability seriously but may need assistance in handling the scope of the corporate responsibility, and how to bring leadership and employees together to work on it.

On the Ringside blog, we’ll be highlighting concerns and questions that managers typically have, providing the best insights we can find backed up by our experiences on the frontline. We’ll also be providing our view on global trends and developments in global business. As ever your comments and questions are an essential part of the evolution of this dialogue – we look forward to the contributions you can make either on this blog, on Facebook or via Twitter as we move forward together to bring the New World closer to reality.