Innovation and Future of Business


This is Fight Club central, the nerve center. 

The mission? To fight for a world where sustainability means serious business.

Through writing, conversation and debate with all those that are willing to embark on this journey, let’s challenge the large and small business community alike, to rethink the basis of their current strategies and implement changes to help them grow sustainably over the next decades.

What can you do here?

1. Ask difficult questions and look for undiscovered answers to drive innovation and the future of business.

2. Brainstorm ideas to help grow the social entrepreneurship movement. 

3. Discover creative solutions to the challenges faced by nonprofits in a down economy. 

4. Challenge yourself, whoever you may be – student, manager, mother, neighbor, consumer, citizen, person, leader, FIGHTER – to consider the impact you make with your purchasing choices.

5. Find ways to make changes in your community and daily life, in small and big ways.

However, a single person can’t hold the conversation alone. Give others the opportunity to hear what you have to say. Come back often and join the debate. Post comments or give us a piece of your mind. It’s more important than ever for you to participate in the FIGHT. Do you want to be a FIGHTER? Start with a simple conversation TODAY.