"am a fighter because I want to inspire everyone to believe that everything you do, business or personal, can be done without causing harm to the environment or other living beings. Through the New World Fight Club we want to develop responsible business into a belief so strong that it ultimately becomes the normal way of doing business.

Shammy worked as Director of Sustainable Ventures at Nike, a company he worked for 14 years moving through roles in operations, marketing and merchandising. Shammy’s career began in India during an extraordinary era of modernization and growth in the country’s apparel industry, installing some of the first state of the art manufacturing equipment.

In 2009 he founded New World Fight Club in order to embed sustainability as part of brand's DNA and in 2012 created Saaf India foundation. Saaf India develops innovative, affordable and sustainable solutions for waste management, inspires and educate citizens to care for India’s natural environment.   
He is a graduate in mechanical engineering, has a postgraduate diploma in garment manufacturing and is a founding participant of THNK, the school of Creative Leadership in Amsterdam.


“I became a fighter because for a long time I was into a career in sport, fashion and lifestyle. I was dissatisfied with myself and the industries I worked in. After I'd gone beyond through buzz of selling something, my epiphany was 'another sale will not make the world a better place'. I wanted to work with a group who felt the same way and were moved by similar things. We can all be entrepreneurial without ruining our hearts or our Earth: that's something we all believe in.

Jason‘s path into consumer research, brand marketing and strategy has taken some unexpected routes and unplanned hikes.  After graduating from Kingston University in Furniture and Industrial Design, his journey has encompassed working for brands such as French Connection, Diesel UK (5 years) and Nike (9 years). His Nike excursion has included stints as a product and influencer marketer in London, a Footwear Product Manager in Nike’s European Headquarters and before he left the company, the Consumer Cultures and Innovation Manager for Europe the Middle East and Africa.  In his time at Nike, he has helped to uncover and utilise consumer insights:  those ‘aha’ moments that can ignite a change in direction into strategic approaches for the Nike Football, Women’s , Basketball and Sportswear categories, amongst others.

His latest adventure has been to start his own consumer research and ideation facilitation company, This Memento, to enable brands and companies to mine for insights that will energize them and the empowered consumer.


am a fighter because I am passionate about helping businesses evolve and be ready for the next industrial revolution that we find ourselves in today. This new way of doing business expands the traditional single bottom line to a triple bottom line that includes people, planet and profit. I love engaging with companies and helping them figure out how they can make improvements to their operations and supply chains that result in reduced costs, increased market share, improved environmental footprint as well as finding ways to do business smarter.


Eric Brody specializes in assisting companies and organisations in making the shift towards sustainability and corporate responsibility while creating competitive and financial advantage. With over a decade of experience working with large corporations, small start-up companies and non-profits, Eric has been able to prove that, with creativity and leadership, doing the right thing for the environment and society can provide a competitive advantage.

Eric has successfully designed and implemented a wide range of strategies and initiatives, including projects relating to environmental scorecards, metrics and reporting, stakeholder development, raw material sourcing, factory code of conduct, product design, packaging, logistics, consumer education, media outreach and product recycling and reuse. Prior to launching his consultancy Shift Advantage, Eric was the Sustainability Business Integration Manager for Nike for seven years and Sustainability Manager for Nau, a technical outdoor and urban clothing company recognized for its innovative sustainability practices, for three years.


I am a fighter because I am about bringing insight to life for brands, agencies, organisations, for change. I dive deep into the lives of our consumers to come out with solutions that are so clever, intuitive,  that they connect with people instantly. Commitment to a better world drives me to work with amazing individuals and organizations such as  NWFC to enable organisations to design process and products which lead to improvement of our environment. This is what we all want.

Anouk is a freelance brand manager, with a passion for defining insight. With her consultancy Intuitive Patterns she designs for and leads consumer insight research up until creative development for Nike, amongst other clients. She also consults the brand on integrated communication concepts, reaching out to creative partners and industry experts to ensure disruptive and effective work. Alongside NWFC, she is a consultant at This Memento.



am a fighter because am passionate about bringing together the worlds of Innovation, Marketing and Sustainability. believe and know that sustainability is a good thing for companies and will help generate more opportunity to build a solid future for businesses and its surroundings. We are only at the beginning of what is to come. Sustainability is not a cost but a revenue driver and brand building opportunity. I am a passionate participant in helping companies capture value from sustainability.


Jan-Maarten has been pioneering the emerging technology since 1993. Setting up Holland’s first Interactive Agency helping clients such as ABN AMRO, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Swatch and Adidas to set foot in the virtual world for the first time. After selling and merging his company with the American AGENCY.COM back in 1999, he remained with the company as VP of Marketing, Sales & Strategy for 3 years. 

During this period the companies he worked for won a variety of awards under which New York Festivals, Golden Awards of Montreux, Cannes Lions, London International Advertising Awards. Next up was Netherland’s largest utility company as  Marketing Director B2B. After this he pioneered the mobile and software industry from 2004 to 2007, in the area of mobile gaming/marketing and voice recognition, winning awards(SPIN award) for best mobile innovation for Redbull.
He then joined frog design a leading global innovation firm in 2010 and has been instrumental in growing their European business with relationships 
such as UBS, AHOLD and Nokia.



am a fighter because I truly believe that companies take a leading role in making global changes. The magic of sustainability is that it engages everybody! It doesn’t matter if the driver is economic, social, environmental or even political. In that sense I consider it to be a global language that connects people by creating common grounds. Being part of this transition is a great feeling and helps me motivate people every day."

While Nick was still in college, he started an agency that specialized in advicing energy saving measures in buildings and real estate.  After graduating, he became a consultant on Clean Development Mechanism projects  that took him  to projects in South America, Africa and India. In 2011, he found Klimaateroute, a partnership that aims to make all SMEs in the Netherlands climate neutral by 2020, whilst showing that sustainable practices have a direct cost advantage.



 I am a fighter because the new world needs a new kind of professional to catalyse, manage and provide practical solutions for sustainability challenges.” 

Kathleen has worked with business and non-profits internationally for over 20 years as an employee and as a consultant. She has focused on systems change within organisations, across sector and within supply chains for the sake of creating sustainable solutions. In the past seven years her emphasis has been in shifting agriculture to more sustainable practices through the transformation of the market and the development of the production end. Her work with business integrating and convening across supply chains from farm to finished goods has her working with brands in the US and Europe and in China, Turkey, Africa, India and Latin America. She believes in the multi-stakeholder initiative process as one key solutions for global systems change.


"I am a fighter because I truly believe that sustainability has become the ‘license to operate’ for today's companies. Consumers are more aware than ever of what is happening around the world and are ever more ready to ask difficult questions of companies. Companies are looking for profitable opportunities in tough economic times and I believe sustainability is their answer. Their challenge is how to combine profitability with least environmental impact from cradle to grave and ensure good social conditions. All disciplines need to embark on this thrilling and demanding journey. It gives me tremendous energy to help prepare companies for this journey on a global playing field."

As a sustainability and supply chain  consultant, Karlijn’s work has embraced a wide sphere of industries and projects with clients including Tommy Hilfiger, KPMG and the Global Reporting Initiative. While working as a buyer for a major international brand she was exposed to factory working conditions in China. Since then Karlijn has worked to inspire companies to co-operate with their manufacturing partners to improve working conditions for factory workers.



"I am a fighter because I believe companies can do good and do well. I believe corporations are responsible for a greater social good and for the impact they have on the environment.  I believe companies should leverage this responsibility to drive innovation and create brand and business value for all stakeholders. I believe it is the key to future business models."

With a deep understanding of brands, business strategy and sustainability, Holly inspires multi-disciplinary teams to develop products and experiences that create exceptional consumer experiences. Her career has spanned world class companies such as Subaru and Nike, Holly's most recent work is at Wolverine Worldwide as a corporate responsibility and international business development strategist. This blend of business expansion and sustainability strategy are not separate activities, but part of the same vision of what business needs to become in the 21st century: creative, passionate and a dedicated steward of the planet we live on.