SAAF India Foundation

NWFC not only enables businesses to be more sustainable but also strives to bring about large scale societal change. Shammy Jacob, founder of the NWFC started Saaf India, a non-profit foundation and do-tank, with a global team of Indians who had a passion for the beauty of India.

Saaf India has the mission to create a cleaner India by developing innovative and sustainable solutions for solid waste in India’s public spaces. Saaf India’s vision is that sustainable economic growth can and should be led with no impact on the natural environment, health and quality of life. Our belief is that technology, culture, education and leadership solutions are needed. Our strategy is to apply human-centered design-thinking and creative problem-solving methods with a multidisciplinary team of stakeholders, experts and partners. Saaf India’s first project is to clean up waste generated by the passengers of the Indian Railways.